Leonardo "Leo" Wyatt is Piper Halliwell's Husband and Wyatt and Chris's father. Leo died in world war 2 but got given the opportunity to become a whitelighter and do more good in his life. Leo then married Piper and became an elder but that descision led the Elder and the Witch to break up. Leo then reunited with Piper and became an Avatar but when they got rid of him Piper was determined to get her husband back. Leo then had to be put on Ice becaus the Angel of Death was after him. Now Leo is with his Wife as a Mortal


Leo is very optimistic and tries to help his wife and sister in laws as much as he can and does whatever he ca to protect his family.


Leo dos not have any powers at the moment due to him being mortal.

Season 9Edit

Leo gets an offer he might not be able to refuse.